Rio Mare

RIO Mare

Since the very beginning, Rio Mare in Olive Oil has been the most popular, best-loved tuna in Italy. The reason for its success lies in its unique, unmistakable taste, the result of the careful selection of the finest-quality raw material. Rio Mare processes it with care, to enhance your mealtimes with a superior quality, tasty, tender tuna, “so tender that it can be cut with a breadstick”.
Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil is a healthy, genuine food, rich in phosphorous, easily assimilated proteins and unsaturated fatty acids (which help combat cholesterol) thus making it a suitable meal for the whole family.

Light and tasty, Rio Mare Tuna in Brine is ideal for those who love light foods and want to stay in shape without missing any good taste at mealtimes.
Steam cooking ensures that all the flavour of the fish remains intact, preserving its nutritional properties while, simultaneously, eliminating most of the fats contained in its tissues.
Thanks to its particularly low fat content, Rio Mare Tuna in Brine is a light, easy-to-digest product.

Rio Mare Salatuna is a light, tasty, ready-to-eat meal, made from prime-quality Rio Mare tuna and lots of appetizing ingredients, with no added preservatives. Fresh, genuine salads, available in 3 delectable recipes to be enjoyed at any time during the day.
Insalatissime Rio Mare are so handy that you can enjoy them wherever you are: at the office, on a trip or in the comfort of your home! To open, just tear-off the ISY-PIL tab and enjoy all the goodness of a freshly-prepared product.

Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil 48 x 1 x 160 gr
Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil 32 x 3 x 80 gr
Rio Mare Tuna in Brine 48 x 1 x 160 gr
Rio Mare Salatuna Mexican 36 x 1 x 160 gr
Rio Mare Salatuna Maize 36 x 1 x 160 gr
Rio Mare Salatuna Beans 36 x 1 x 160 gr