About Us

Soudanco was founded by Mr.Ibrahim Soudan in 1977 as an importer and distributer of Ceylon tea, and then over its 38 years of success it gained the trust of over than 30 multinational companies world wide.

Strategy & Philosophy:

Mr. Soudan's philosophy of providing the Egyptian market with the best quality along with the best service made it a market leader.

Soudanco's strategy is out growing our sales' capabilities while putting down costs, without compromising quality of our service.

Currently Soudanco has four main branches in the main four cities of Egypt along with eleven sub-distributors all around Egypt. We have over 400 staff members who are the building blocks of our success story. Focusing on developing an efficient distribution network, along with its professional sales and marketing team, maintained Soudanco's reputation. Soudanco's philosophy with its partners is based on a trustful and long term relationship in order to be a market leader in the market. Such long relationships lasted more than 15 years with its partners.

We offer consumers the foods they want with the quality they want and the price they want. Company's Vision: Becoming the leading supplier for the Egyptian food industry providing the market with the highest quality products.

Mission & aim:

Company Mission: “Quality..is our concern”. Quality is achieved through selecting top worldwide brands from the international and local market, and delivering them through our efficient distribution network, backed up with our dynamic before and after sales service team.”